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Welcome to Phil Web Outsourcing

Phil Web Outsourcing offers exceptional service and maintenance for your online business. Check out the support we offer to our clients:

  • Round-the-clock client support from our client support team, to assure that your business operations are running smoothly.
  • Provides you highly skilled professional staffs for a minimal cost.
  • Project managers to provide project administration assistance, to assure you that your projects are executed well by the staff. This service is absolutely free.

Comparison of Phil Web Outsourcing to Freelance

Hiring a freelancer can be a big problem especially if the staff will be given new assignments that he/she is not familiar with. With Phil Web Outsourcing, you are assured that your staff will get all the assistance they need from the project managers who are supervising them throughout their shift.

Freelancers have this concept that they will be removed from the project anytime soon, hence they will need to look for new contacts and clients while working on your project and this will be a cause for distraction. At Phil Web Outsourcing, we assure our clients that our staffs are working exclusively for you, hence assuring you of quality output from them.

Freelancers work any time they want, as long as they are able to comply with the number of hours a week that you require from them. Phil Web Outsourcing requires all the staff to work on a regular specific time schedule which is in compliance to the preference of the client.

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